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May 31 - 5th Sunday Fellowship

Four times a year we doing something fun on the 5th Sunday of the month and you're invited!  This month we'll be doing something awesome on May 31 at 5:30pm at Bayside.

Join Us Friday Nights

Vertical Church Bible Study series at 7pm


Join Us Sundays

at 10am!

1901 cottle ave (willow glen) 95125


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sundays at Bayside  

bayside in worship - 10am

bayside in homes:

    college group - 7pm

    friendship groups - 5:30pm


This May @ Bayside

We're Growing Deeper!


May 24


How Do You Worship a King?

Matthew 21:1-11


May 31


Overcoming Spiritual Obstacles

Matthew 21:12-22



5th Sunday Fellowship


June 7


How Much Control Should Jesus Have?

Matthew 21:23-32



June 14


Jesus Talks About Being Rejected

Mathew 22:1-14